The Role Of Technology In Modern School Fundraisers

Favorite DIY fundraising ideas

One of the great things about school fundraisers is that you have a built-in network of dedicated supporters in the form of students and parents who just want their school to be the best darn school it can be! With so many folks happy to take an active role in fundraising, DIY campaigns are a perfect fit.

39. Community yard sale

Harken back to the dreamy days of Marie Kondo and encourage parents and students alike to clean house and give back. Yard sales are classic fundraising activities that require minimal planning beyond some ads in the school newsletter. You can staple some fliers to telephone polls if you really want to bring in the masses. To put the Y in DIY, let school fundraisers put their own spin on their yard sale. Maybe the items for sale include fresh bouquets from local gardens, or perhaps some art students want to take their DIY to the next level and sell some paintings?

40. DIY Giving Day

Crowdfunding and school fundraisers -to-peer school fundraisers are one of the easiest ways to raise money for schools. You say the word and your supporters set up personal campaign sites and do some DIY online fundraising. To turn up the fundraising heat, announce an official Giving Day,. Everyone can set up a personal fundraising page (complete with a must-click online donation form via Funraise), customize the format and rewards, and watch those donations roll in.

41. Birthday fundraisers

Encourage high school students to set up school fundraisers to support their favorite school programs for their birthdays. After all, their neighbor probably won’t chip in for that new Xbox, but they might throw in $10 to support Model UN.